In Israel, the need for English-speaking citizens has recently risen to epic proportions. With this increase in demand, finding a job teaching English in Israel is easier than ever for foreigners who wish to head abroad.Are you considering teaching English in Israel? If so, there are a few key things you should know before you begin your job hunt. The information below is designed to make the process easier and ensure that you're getting the best possible situation. Teach...

English Teaching In Israel Can Be Immensely Rewarding

English Teaching In Israel Can Be Immensely RewardingIn Israel, the need for English-speaking citizens has recently risen to epic proportions. With this increase in demand, finding a job teaching English in Israel is easier than ever for foreigners who wish to head abroad.Are you considering teaching English in Israel? If so, there are a few key things you should know before you begin your job hunt. The information below is designed to make the process easier and ensure that you're getting the best possible situation. Teaching English in Israel is an adventure... make sure it's not a stressful one by following these simple tips.Getting certifiedMany countries prefer their native-speaking English teachers to get certified in TEFL ( "Teaching English" as a Foreign Language) while still in their home countries. While this isn't a requirement in Israel, it will certainly help you when it comes time to finding a job.Another requirement for teaching English in Israel is to have a four-year college degree. The subject is really unimportant; what matters is the fact that you have graduated from a college.You must also consider becoming teacher certified in Israel. The TESOL organization in Tel Aviv is one of the most highly regarded English-teaching organizations in the country, and provides training for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Approach the English Teacher Network in Israel ( for more helpful information. Once the Israeli teaching program is completed, you are almost guaranteed a teaching position.Finding a positionThe need for English speakers in Israel has grown so much in recent years that the language has become one of the most popular subjects taught in classrooms, from elementary level on up. You will find, however, that jobs are more prevalent in middle and upper class areas, where the level of education is higher and more students are expected to enter the business world.In the same middle to upper-class areas, you will also discover that a large percentage of children are tutored privately in the art of speaking English. You may want to consider becoming a private tutor if working in the school system does not suit you. While pay may be lower and you won't have the benefits provided by a school or university job, you will be able to work more flexible hours, and some people much prefer the freedom of such a position over working for a school board.If neither of these opportunities appeals to you, you may want to consider teaching English in Israel to adults. Many businesses and corporations in Israel deal with the Western world on a frequent basis, and employees who speak English is an absolute necessity. A corporation may hire you on a job-by-job basis, or even as a staff consultant, where you'll be expected to teach English to employees one-on-one or in a group setting.What to expectThe pay you will receive for teaching English in Israel is considered rather low compared to many other countries with opportunities for such positions. You will have the option, as a teacher, to attend numerous teaching conferences and workshops, and doing so can greatly increase your value as a teacher and result in pay raises down the road. A resourceful teacher will take any such opportunities that come along and will learn quickly how to increase his or her worth on the job.Most schools that hire you as an English teacher will offer teacher's housing, and you should take advantage of this situation particularly if you are located in a large city, where housing may be expensive and difficult to find.Of course, you'll also be given vacation time and paid holidays while teaching English in Israel, and you should use your time off exploring the country and learning more about your adopted culture. Israel is a beautiful place steeped in history, and teaching English to Israeli natives is a unique experience that should not be passed by.

Career's in Entertainment Production


A career as a rock star or television star is unattainable for most hopeful teens who dream of being in the spotlight. While many dream of being the next *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys sensation, this may be a little far-fetched. However, teens dont have to give up their dream, at least not completely. Few star-struck teens actually realize how many careers are available in the entertainment production industry.
Large numbers of people are needed to put on concerts, make film movies or animate cartoons. These are the people who work behind the scenes to make great entertainment. Careers in this industry are as varied as the people that work in them. There are a few careers available that many may overlook, such as: free lance illustrator, dance choreographer, set designers, writers, or 2d animation specialists. Below are just a few of the many fields available in the entertainment production industry and a short summary of what they do.

An illustration artist can mean many different things. In the traditional sense illustration artists draw pictures for books, magazines and other publications. They also work with computer graphics, designing web pages, doing character creation for animation studios and even making their own cartoons. They are versatile artists whose primary medium is digital graphics such as flash, photoshop and other such programs.

Dance provides more opportunities than just backup dancer for a music group. Jobs range from choreographer (the person who makes up the routines) to the person who makes the costumes and dance equipment. Since dance comes in many genres, the field is diverse. Without dancers entertainment would not have the appeal that it has now. However, without the entertainment production staff like teachers and choreographers, those dancers would not have made it very far.

Television and movie stars are glamorous and popular. What most people dont realize is that it takes the work of many people to make that actor great. Movie and Television stars are very talented, but they need people to write their scripts, shoot the film, do their makeup, build the sets, and so on. Most people who work in television work in entertainment production rather than just acting.

Books and Print Media
The most well-known job in the field of print media is an author. To bring a book to the shelves an author needs editors, publishers, layout designers, and book reviewers. The author writes the book, and then it goes through reviews, revisions, and printing. Each of these steps requires a talented professional. There are many diverse opportunities available in print media.

Music production has two sides. One could work for companies that distribute music such as radio stations, online music stores or even event planners for concerts. Conversely, one could work for a music recording studio that actually produces new music. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Working on the distribution side can be rewarding for those who love to listen to music or like music trivia. Working on the production side is more suited for those people who like being on the cutting edge of music. Plenty of opportunities exist for people who dont have musical talent but still have a passion for it.

Animation is a diverse field that employs more than just artists. Animation studios typically have writers, animators, software designers, and sound engineers. Animation is most often, distributed through the internet and TV. Studios often employ people who know how to work with these types of mass media.
In addition to the jobs listed here, many others exist that are not related to entertainment production but are still in the entertainment industry. Examples of these are accountants at a TV studio, CEO of a publishing company, IT specialists for TV stations and the list goes on. Aspiring teens dont have to give up their dream of working in the entertainment industry when they dont make the cut for American Idol or loose the school talent show. Working in entertainment productions is a question of desire rather than talent. If a person wants to work in entertainment production, there is a job for them whatever their interests are. They just have to be creative and then work hard.

Joining an established team, building for the future

Joining an established team, building for the future

Joining an established team is very difficult. In most cases, team building happens with little intervention - the new team member is be welcomed and given time to bond, however in some cases the new team member will join a team with issues and where, regardless of the effort they make, they are unwelcome. Consider the following when joining an established team.

  • Listen more than you talk - It is particularly important when you join a new team. Entering as a know-it-all, set in your ways will not endear you to existing team members. This holds true no matter where you are from the US, Australia or the UK. Team building will not be helped if you think you are better than everyone else.
  • Listen & learn from other team members - what they do, what sort of characters they are. Remember, people resist change, dont tell them you know how to do things better than they do. Listen, you may even learn a better way.
  • Avoid sentimentality - keep references to the team you have just worked with to the factual. Your new team will not want to listen to your recollections of what a great group of people you worked with. Occasionally make positive observations about this team, dont overdoing it.
  • Give respect to earn respect - even if you are joining the team at a senior level you cannot expect to automatically be given respect. The importance of earning respect rather than demanding it has been well documented already, but if you take time to listen, learn about other team members and understand why they fill the role they do in the team you will learn to respect them.
  • Dont be patronising - under any circumstances. Take time to understand how your new team work. You may be surprised to find their way is better!.
  • Keep your promises, be reliable. - Dont take responsibility for anything beyond you in the hope it will endear you to the team. Building rapport with other member is hard enough without overloading them with stress as a result.
  • Be a team player - if you feel insecure or unsure it can be tempting to work alone. Avoid this at all costs. Make sure you stay in the team by asking for help if necessary.
  • Keep lines of communication open - It is okay to admit youre new and need support. Often people feel asking for help is a sign of weakness. Actually it can be one of the best ways of "team building" . You should avoid always approaching one person because they look friendly. Approach the person you consider most difficult first, the experience is often ground breaking.
  • Dont argue - just dont. Bite your lip; your time will come. Arguing when you are the new team member is a no win proposition. If you lose you undermine yourself and if you win you will have destroyed a relationship, hard to rebuild.
In the majority of cases your new team will welcome you and make every effort to help you. They will want it to work as much as you. Listen, understand what you dont say will be as important as what you do say, be sincere and be yourself.Team building takes time, team building takes patience, team building will not happen overnight.

Great Job As Mystery Shopper

Great Job As Mystery Shopper

What does it mean to be a mystery shopper? It is quite simple - a person is paid to visit local stores and evaluate the kind of service they get. They enter the store and acts like an ordinary customer, just to keep the identity of "mystery shopper" a secret. A mystery shopper evaluates different aspects of the service while they are in the store.Mystery shoppers provide businesses with more information through the use of questionnaires and detailed narratives. These questionnaires provide businesses with an unbiased opinion of how they are perceived by the customer.Mystery shoppers relieve the owner of this added responsibility. Business owners who are presently using these kind of services are now getting a more realistic picture of how their customers perceive their company.The mystery shopper company work with their clients to establish mechanisms to measure and improve the levels of service. The information from a mystery shopper is reported to the management of the clients and they use it to evaluate and improve their customer service. Ultimately the purpose of mystery shoppers is to help businesses increase sales.If you work as a mystery shopper you will be paid to shop. That is right, a mystery shopper is paid to evaluate different types of customer experiences.You can be paid to:- Fill up your car with gas- Have dinner on a local restaurant- Shop in your local hardware store- Request information about a computer- Sometimes you will be paid for working from home. Some tasks can and should be performed by a phone call.The list can be very long because the number of businesses using this method to collect information is very long. And it is increasing for every day.The best thing about being a mystery shopper is that you are paid for everything you purchase. If you have lunch or dinner your expenses are paid for. If you watch a movie you will be paid for the ticket and the job you do. This is really an opportunity for many.Why do big companies use mystery shopper jobs?How many times have you left a store dissatisfied with the service you got? How many times will you go back to that store again? It is not surprising to find that many organizations are very interested in making a good impression, the impression they make on you, the customer, is vital for their company.So feedback from "mystery shopper job" s are often a key factor for those companies in their efforts to improve the standards for customer service. Persons that think they have something to add to the ongoing improvement of customer service are suitable for a job as a mystery shopper job. If you like to shop and get paid for it, you can have the perfect job.So what is the catch?There is no catch! It is free to become a mystery shopper job. You will be trained to collect the information the companies want and need. If you have the time you have nothing to loose but a lot to win.Finally, there is an organisation, MSPA, which is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. MSPA have over 150 member companies worldwide and they have a diverse membership including marketing research and merchandising companies, private investigation firms, training organizations and companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services.

Career Choice: Automotive Systems Technology

Bobby Ventura, a lanky 62 blonde-haired blue-eyed high school junior, is a self described home mechanic who enjoys tinkering with his screaming yellow 97 Mustang at every opportunity he can get. Having an uncle who runs a garage helped him to land his first car several months before he obtained his drivers license.Im not much for studying, but auto shop has kept me focused. I plan on working for my uncle when I graduate from school and Ill take night classes at Tech to get my AAS in Automotive Systems Technology. Cars have changed a lot over the years and my uncle wants someone who can not only turn a wrench, but be able to read a computer. Todays cars have much more diagnostic stuff to figure out and that is what I am going to learn at Tech, Bobby quipped.Cars have changed and the market for new mechanics has changed as well. As older mechanics retire, they will need to be replaced by professionals who not only know cars from bumper to bumper but can also understand computer software. Installing a K&N cold air intake is still a necessary skill, but many repair shops now want students who can understand and fix global positioning systems, such as OnStar, which are found on many vehicles today.Indeed, new cars such as the BMW 7 Series come equipped with fiber optic cables which connect the navigation system, cellular service, radio, and CD player. Hybrid cars, too, have introduced a whole new area of specialty and with the hopeful introduction of hydrogen powered vehicles in a decade or two another area of expertise will also open up.Bobbys guidance counselor, Ted Winslow, is pleased with his career choice. Bobby identifies with fixing things and he is quite good at what he does. I cant see him sitting behind some desk when I know that he is much more interested in working underneath the hood of a car, installing a "cold air intake" , replacing a radiator, or swapping out a heater core. Besides, if he does really well someone like BMW may hire and train him and their mechanics can make over 100K per year.If the student in your home is contemplating his or her career choices, exploring the automotive technology field is worth a look. A general shortage of highly skilled mechanics ensures that the brightest students will find work and be paid quite well. Bobby Ventura is starting his career off right by attending technical school where an AAS degree in Automotive Systems Technology is certain to point him in the right direction.

Finding Freelance Projects

Being a freelancer is a tough job for anyone. Whether you are a writer or a web designer you know that the competition is fierce and you must always be on the look out for more jobs when working on one. This is part of the course when freelancing. Most often there is no stability or guarantee when freelance is involved. You are hired on a project basis and will be kicked to the curb once the project is complete unless you happen to earn another project right away which is rare to say the least.To help fill the gap between those needing skilled labor and the freelancers that provide the labor there are several web sites that have sprung up. These sites allow employers to post projects of a wide variety and then the freelancers can bid on those projects. This has become an effective tool in maintaining a steady flow of work for the freelancer, but there are several downfalls to some of these sites.For one thing, there is normally a fee that is charged for using the service. How much and how often varies by site. Normally you will pay a monthly membership fee as a freelancer wanting to bid on projects. This fee can be as high as eighty dollars on some sites, but the average is twenty. One should be careful when working with a site like this as it will be much harder to turn a profit when you consider the amount of money you have spent on the monthly fees.There are also sites that work on a commission basis. This works by paying a percentage of the money that you earned from a project to the site for successfully bidding and completing a project. The commission charged is different with every site and averages around 10%. This system of payment is a lot more popular as the freelancer can simply add the commission amount to their bid to ensure they are getting the amount they need to complete the project.The services offered by these sites are normally wonderful. A project manager is a great tool for tracking the projects that you have bid on and those that you have won. This ensures that nothing gets swept under the rug and forgotten about thus tarnishing your reputation. Other sites offer safe payment resources. These payment options are basically escrow accounts where the money is held until the project is completed and approved. This works to provide security for both parties. The employer does not release the money until the project has been completed and approved. The freelancer is guaranteed to get paid for all their hard work.There are some sites that offer all of these services and remain free for the freelance worker and the employer. They maintain the site through advertising and do not charge a commission or a monthly fee. This has become a very popular occurrence as freelancers can earn more money without having to spend so much in the process.


In Israel, the need for English-speaking citizens has recently risen to epic proportions. With this increase in demand, finding a job teaching English in Israel is easier than ever for foreigners who wish to head abroad.Are you considering teaching English in Israel? If so, there are a few key things you should know before you begin your job hunt. The information below is designed to make the process easier and ensure that you're getting the best possible situation. Teach...